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高频混压板可以是FR4和高频板材的混合,或者不同DK的高频板材的混合,这种电路板具有耐高温性能和优异耐辐射性,这种结构的高频电路板能够满足局部高频信号传输的要求,领智电路是一家专业提供TU862 PCB打样,TU862 PCB加工,TU862 PCB批量制作等一站式印刷电路板的生产厂家。TU-862 HF/TU-86P HF High Tg halogen free materials are made of epoxy resin and E-glass fabric. Unlike conventional FR-4 material using brominated resin as flame retardant, TU-862 HF/TU-86P HF achieves flammability class of UL94V-0 by incorporating  phosphorous and nitrogen compounds in the materials. The materials are compatible with the AOI process and exhibit the UV-block characteristic. TU-86P HF is designed for use with TU-862 HF for making multilayer printed wire boards. TU-862 HF is also available for single/double sided application. This series of green materials are designed to eliminate the use of halogenated resins due to the potential hazardous effects from the environmental concerns. These products are suitable for boards that need to survive severe thermal cycles, or to experience excessive assembly work. TU-862 HF laminates also exhibit superior chemical resistance, thermal stability for lead free soldering assembly and CAF resistance.

1. Applications
  •    Backpanel, High performance computing
  •    Line cards, Storage
  •    Servers, Telecom, Base station
  •    Office Routers
2. Performance and Processing Advantages
  •    Low halogen and environmental friendly materials
  •    Lead free process compatible
  •    Compatible to PCB processes
  •   Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
  •    Moisture resistance
  •   Anti-CAF capability
  •    Higher Tg characteristics
3. Industry Approvals
  •    IPC-4101E Type Designation : /127, /128, /130
  •    IPC-4101E/130 Validation Services QPL Certified
  •    UL Designation - ANSI Grade : FR-4.1
  •    UL File Number: E189572
  •    Flammability Rating: 94V-0
  •    Maximum Operating Temperature: 130°C
4. Standard Availability
  Thickness: 0.002”[0.05mm] to 0.062” [1.58mm], available in sheet or panel form
    Copper Foil Cladding: 1/3 to 5 oz (HTE) for built-up & double sides and H to 2 oz (MLS)
    Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
  Glass Styles: 106, 1080, 2113, 2116, 1506 and 7628, etc.
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