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高频混压板可以是FR4和高频板材的混合,或者不同DK的高频板材的混合,这种电路板具有耐高温性能和优异耐辐射性,这种结构的高频电路板能够满足局部高频信号传输的要求,领智电路是一家专业提供TU863 PCB打样,TU863 PCB加工,TU863 PCB批量制作等一站式印刷电路板的生产厂家。ThunderClad 1 High Tg halogen free low loss material is made of high performance epoxy resin and regular woven E-glass fabric, designed with low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor for high speed low loss and high frequency multilayer circuit board application . Unlike conventional  low  loss  material  using  brominated  resin  as  flame  retardant. ThunderClad  1 achieves flammability class of UL94V-0 by incorporating nitrogen compounds in the materials. ThunderClad  1 material is suitable for environmental protection lead free process and also compatible with FR-4 processes. This green material is designed to achieve thermal robust, low signal attenuation and eliminate the use of potential hazardous halogenated resins.
1. Applications
  •     Backpanel, High performance computing
  •     Line cards, Storage
  •     Servers, Telecom, Base station
  •     Office Routers
2. Performance and Processing Advantages
  •     Halogen, antimony, and red phosphorous free
  •     Low Dk & Df performance
  •     Lead free process compatible
  •     Environmental friendly materials
  •     Compatible to PCB processes
  •     Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  •     Moisture resistance
  •     Anti-CAF capability
  •     Higher Tg characteristics
4. Industry Approvals
  •     IPC-4101E Type Designation : /127, /128, /130
  •     IPC-4101E/130 Validation Services QPL Certified
  •     UL Designation - ANSI Grade: FR-4.1
  •     UL File Number: E189572
  •     Flammability Rating: 94V-0
  •     Maximum Operating Temperature: 130°C
5. Standard Availability
  • Thickness: 0.002” [0.05mm] to 0.062” [1.58mm], available in sheet or panel form
  • Copper Foil Cladding: 1/3 to 5 oz (HTE) for built-up & double sides and H to 2 oz (MLS)
  • Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
  • Glass Styles: 106, 1080, 3313, 2116 etc and other prepreg grades are available upon request

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